How Do I Create a New Slidely Gallery?

To create a new Slidely:

Go to the create page or click on  and then:


 To create a Slidely Gallery you need to complete the 3 simple steps below (click on each step for instructions):

  • Step 1. Choose photos:  Select photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google images, DropBox, Flickr, Picasa or upload photos from your own PC.
  • Step 2. Select music: Select music from YouTube, Soundcloud, DropBox or upload a track from your own PC. You can also choose a track from our selected lists of POP, TV and HITS videos.
  • Step 3. Save and publish: Edit your Slidely’s Title, description, tags and adjust the effects and transitions (Play speed, auto-play, duration, privacy etc).  Make sure to save your Slidely before leaving the process: Simply go to step three and select "Save my Slidely" (please note that you must edit a music track to complete the process):

  • Sort Photos: To change your Slidely’s photo order, captions and cover photo, select "Sort photos" at the bottom of the page:  


You can navigate from one step to another, simply click on the step in the top navigation bar or go back and forth using the arrow buttons:


Attention: If you can't create your Slidely, you might not be using one of the supported browsers, please see the following article:


For further assistance, please contact

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