How To: Save and Publish

Saving and Publishing: In the final step you can Personalize your Slidely video by adding your own unique title and tags, adjusting the speed, choosing a theme to make final edit to make your Slidely just perfect:

  • Add Title (100 characters max)
  • Edit Description (500 characters max)
  • Set Tags: Set tag for searching your slidely on our site
  • Choose Theme: Select the effect for your Slidely video 

  • Set Speed: Set speed of transition between your photos by sliding bar that goes from “Slowest” to “Fastest.” You can also select auto to make the number of photos you choose automatically fit your song.

  • Configure Duration: Determine when to terminate your videoSet Privacy
    • Music: the length of your Slidely video by the length of your song. This means that the video will end when the song ends- the photos will repeat until that point.
    • Photos: the length is determined by the number of photos (the video will end when the photos are finished). 

  • Set the Slidely's Privacy Settings: 
    • Private: The Slidely can only be view by people whom you’ve shared it with, via a unique link. It is not presented to others on your Slidely user page ( and it will not be searchable using search engines such as Google.
    • Public: The Slidely is public on Slidelys site and is presented on your Slidely user page. The Slidely is also searchable on common search engines, such as Google.
  • Preview Your Slidely:



When you are done click the green “Save my Slidely":

(To cancel and continue editing your Slidely just click the  on the top-right corner)


Now you have your own unique Slidely!

Don’t forget to share it.


Remember: You can navigate from one step to another, simply click on the step in the top navigation bar or go back and forth using the arrow buttons:

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