How To: Choose Photos

Selecting Photos: You can choose photos from sources of your choice. 

  1. Select a source (you can navigate back and forth amongst the different sources).
  2. Search for the subject of your choice, your albums or upload pictures from your own computer.
  3. Click on an image to add it to your current Slidely, you can also choose to add all images ():


 - Photo Added

(If you wish to delete the photo press the same button)  


Attention: Please note that you can only add up to 90 photos per Slidely

Remember: You can navigate from one step to another, simply click on the step in the top navigation bar or go back and forth using the arrow buttons:


Photo Sources: You can find the list of option on the left navigation bar


  • Select an Album:



  • Search for Instagram images: 
  • Search through your Instagram photos: 
  • Search for Instagram's most popular photos: 


 Google Images

  • Search for Google's top 64 photos using search words:  
  • Turn High quality photos on/off: 



  • Connect to Dropbox



  • Search for photos in Flickr: 
  • Select a photo from your collection: 



  • Search for photos in Picasa: 
  • Select a photo from your collection:  


 Upload PC

  • Upload a photo from your own PC: 




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