I Can't Play My Slidely, What Can I Do?

If you’re having issues viewing your Slidelys, please first make sure you apply to the following basic requirements:

1. Make sure you’re using a supported browser versions:

  •  Google Chrome Chrome 18 and up
  •  FireFox on any OS 18 and up
  •  Internet Explorer 8 and up
  •  Safari on Mac OS 6 and up

Please note that using another browser, not listed above, may result in multiple issues while using Slidely and therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade your browser.

2. Make sure that your Flash browser add-on is enabled:

(For more information, please see


Important notes: Slidely web-version is not fully supported by mobile devices, tablet etc. Using such device to view your may result in several issues. Please note that an internet music track used for a Slidely will change to our default music when played on such devices. This is a popular issue due to incompatibility of cloud services such as YouTube music players.


If you are still encountering issues, after verifying the two requirements above, please send us a support ticket to with a screenshot of the “faulty error” and also, if possible, an exported list of the “console” errors generated by the built-in browser developers kit.

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