Slidely Wordpress Plugin

Create and share on your blog amazing Slideshow from any photos you have and add music in less then 5 Minutes. With the new Slidely embed shortcode plugin you can finally share your favorite Slidely slideshows with your blog readers.



Download Version 1.0

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 Usage Examples

To embed a Slidely slideshow simply embed a link like this:

[slidely src=]

Default width and height are 520px and 292px accordingly. You can also define your own custom width and height by using the following format:

[slidely src= w=520 h=390]

Want your Slidely to play automatically when someone enters your blog? Just use:

[slidely src= autoplay=1]

Here at Slidely we'll appreciate it very much if you'll add our link at the bottom of your Slidely. If you choose to do so please use the following parameter:

[slidely src= remove_ref=0]
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