The Song Ends Before All of My Photos are Shown!

In this case you have three options, but first open the editing panel and go to step 3. Save and Publish:

1. You can determine when to terminate your video by choosing either Music or Photos at the "Duration" button at the bottom right of your video

    • Music: the length of your Slidely video by the length of your song. This means that the video will end when the song ends- the photos will repeat until that point.
    • Photos: the length is determined by the number of photos (the video will end when the photos are finished). 

2. Make the number of photos you choose automatically fit your song. To do this click the blue “Auto” button to the left of “Duration.”

3. The final option is to manually adjust the speed of the photos with the sliding bar that goes from “Slowest” to “Fastest.”


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    Kellie Bagby

    can this be done after the video has already been made...only 76 of my 90 pictures are shown on 2 albums :(

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